San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo

Turning things around through hope and research


Eleven giraffes are killed every day. Only two northern white rhinos remain in the world. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. With these stark statistics, our challenge was to raise awareness, generate donations, and get people to join the San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy in their fight to end extinction. Our machine learning collected more than 370,000 comments, revealing an alarming level of disappointment with conservation efforts and, conversely, a healthy optimism around science-based solutions. These contracting emotions became the heart of our narrative.

We set out to create an emotionally charged campaign that elevated the sense of urgency around saving animals through science-based solutions. In a true multi-channel effort, “Let’s Turn Things Around” included social, landing pages, banners, donation forms, welcome emails, and a flagship anthem video. Best of all, the success of this campaign not only saw a 9,000% increase in social donations, but it also funded the expansion of the Reteti Elephant Sanctuary—doubling the amount of food, love, and care available for orphaned baby elephants.

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